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Get clear and feel free. Rewild to natural rhythms, detox your space and master your time.

You know you can feel better than you do now.

Without a method you'll default to habits and feel like you're going in circles wasting precious time, money and energy. Make sense of how your body works best with our FREE workshops and move forward with simple, smart moves.

Know how your body works

FREE Body Type workshop

Introduction to the 3 Doshas and 5 Elements of Ayurveda.

Love the space you're in

Do a 21 day Ayurvedic detox

Design healthy environments for your body and mind at home and work.

Live easefully

FREE Mindset workshop

Thrive with clarity and ability. UPGRADE with the Time Mastery workshop.

BOLD Freedom the Method, the Book. 

The doable health habit book. An elegant blend of Ayurvedic Dinacharya, Time Mastery and Behavioural Science. 


Choose a way forward!

All of our programs are designed to help you know how your body works best, thrive in your space and create the time you need to live well.

Daily health habits you can improve with Coaching

Steps to Sustainable Wellness

1. Time in Silence

2. Earlier, Lighter Dinners

3. Early to Bed

4. Start the Day Well

5. Breath Body Practices (Includes Exercise)

6. The Clean Kitchen (Includes Healthy Relationships)

7. Sense Organ Care

8. Living on Purpose

9. Easeful Living



1 year January start date

One year online training for wellness professionals and family healers to help themselves and their community heal fast and sustainably.

Understand what illness is, why it happens and how to return to wellness.

Deepen your health practice or step confidently into teaching. 



Every April and October

21 Day Ayurvedic detox program to harness Seasonal rhythms.

Fully supported live online with preparation and glide out weeks.

Meet Ayurveda guest experts live online.

1-1 Ayurvedic Consultation.

Bring a friend rates and payment plans.

Access to the Member forum.

Ongoing Membership so you can cleanse and reset every season.

BONUS Healthy Kids course for anyone who has a body and wants to learn how to take care of it.


"Because of time pressures and travelling with three kids, I had trouble focusing on my daily routine. With Tiny House Ayurveda, I learned better techniques for clear focus during the week, and it's improved my life immensely."

Rachelle Rose
Yoga Teacher in Training

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