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Which course start date are you wanting to enrol in?

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Please list your first and last Name, Date of Birth and Email.

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Do you have a minimal level of English proficiency, both written and oral?





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Please list any other Ayurveda, Yoga,  other health qualifications, retreats, courses you have done with other teachers.

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Why do you want to do ASCT training? 

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Describe your experience with health care, including visits to natural therapists, self-prescribed supplements or exercise, at home self-care routines, how long you have been doing any of these etc.

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What strengths and weaknesses do you bring to your own self-care practice?

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Do you have any health conditions or injuries that might prevent you from completing the course? List any special needs here.

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Are you available for 1 hour mid-week evening tutorials and 2 hour Sunday live classes?




No, not sure about all of them

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If 'no', please elaborate 

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Do you have reliable internet access





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Anything else you think we should know? 

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