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How to feel balanced in your element.


In this week's episode of the Radical Ayurveda Podcast you'll learn how each of the 5 areas of your wellbeing, the 5 pillars, match up with the 5 elements of life. You'll be able to approach your health much easier when you apply this new method and everything will make more sense.

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What you'll get from tuning in

  • More about the Five Pillars: Sleep, Relationships, Exercise, Nutrition, Occupation
  • Why and How Movement is Vata (and more!)
  • Why making Ayurveda modern is important
  • Relationships and Occupations broken down Ayurvedically
  • Breaking down a couple more

Favourite Quotes

“Without water you can’t eat anything…so water represents nourishment” - Rama

“Movement is Vata” - Lesley


Photo by Jared Rice


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