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Staying in the rhythm and flexible

A solo session with our wise host Lesley O'Brien this week on the Tiny House Ayurveda Podcast. Lesley speaks all about the flexibility and suppleness of staying within the flow and rhythm of life.

What are you made for? Understanding the direction and pool of people that will nurture and nourish your ability to up level and evolve will let you keep youthful, and bend time to meet you where you are!

Not only does Lesley serve this wisdom, she also includes some very helpful Tiny House living tips that will allow YOU to live how you need and want.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • More fantastic tiny house living tips in Australia
  • How to live for what you're made for in a tiny home
  • Tips on living less busy, with more income
  • How to stay youthful and in flow
  • Ayurvedic wisdom for finding the balance and flow in your life

Favourite Quotes

“It’s streamlined, and it’s in a direction I was made for.”

“The youthful appearance from unproblematic and progressive attitudes that is really beauty…it comes from posture, from knowing you’re able.”


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