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Breathe into a deep sense of rest - with Georgia Rhodes

Listen in to learn fundamental ways to remember, to notice where you're at and then breathe into the moment. That's where you re-centre and continue the day in a better frame of mind and physical stress state than before.  By using which ever of the 5 senses sparks you best, there are ways to delight again.

Spark the senses and reset in our Space to Cleanse and Reset

Georgia's website -

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Tips to feel calm in overwhelming environments
  • The real importance of just pressing pause
  • Understanding how listening and quietness can create flow
  • Intentional practices to get a moment of rest before a busy day
  • Gratitude and thankfulness - a good practice

Favourite Quotes

You don’t save any time by going faster - Georgia

Our bravery to poise ourselves…in that white point, that is the safe space to allow clarity - Lesley


Photo by processingly on Unsplash


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