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Do creative people plan?

Preparing your work helps you be relaxed doing it. Notice your need for rest and create time for relaxation. These are ways Tams poises herself in work-life balance as an artist.

Planning helps your purpose express itself. It encourages you to get curious about where your time and energy go. And that supports your growth and feeling free.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Planning as a creative
  • Rest and Relaxation as a balancing force for creative work
  • Never fear failure
  • Skill and time are amazing catalysts for creative flow
  • Insight into an artists process

Favourite Quotes

“Healing, therapeutic…there’s so many different feelings that can come out of it. I’ve yet to have a negative response to creating something…”

“A smaller piece that I’m doing would be less physical. At the moment I’m doing a mural and I didn’t realise how physically demanding it would be.”


Photo by Rifqi Ali Ridho 


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