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Ghee recipe

Ghee the golden elixir

Daily self-care habits are absolutely key to feeling good in your body because no-one can have that level of connection with you, except you. When you pay attention to your needs and wants, you start to feel safer and open enough for outside help to reach your core. 

Ageing gracefully comes from feeling good in our body and living from that place. To feel good within ourselves we have to be courageous enough to pay attention to what we really need and want. How do we know what we really need?

  1. Start with a self-care practices like oil massage and choosing to eat good fats that support your gut and your brain.
  2. Get the feedback from how relieved you feel and notice the connection in your skin and in your sense of calm mental clarity.

From around fifty years of age onwards is considered a Vata stage of life, where our body tissues can begin to dry and stiffen. Cold windy dry weather is Vata in Nature. When you've pain or stiffness you know Vata is present too. No matter where you live or how old you are it's time to nourish yourself deeply with good oils and fats, inside and out.

Avoid 'over doing it' and that feeling of being driven or pulled by the bustle of life. Through soothing connecting oil massage even once a week you can build your immunity, get a sense of streamlining your activities towards health supporting ones, and avoid burn out and mucous. Self oil massage is a remarkably simple habit with profound effects that come from Ayurveda's understanding of Vata's energetics of movement, Pitta's burning action, and Kapha's stuck congestion potential.

I know it can be difficult to think we have a choice in how our day pans out but I know we do and I'd love you to experience that first hand detoxing with us - we detox twice a year every April and October. Get yourself in the next Space to Cleanse and Reset and until we kick off schedule to give yourself a self oil massage once or more a week.  Eat Ghee or Coconut oil every day to start cleaning and nourishing your whole system simultaneously. 

Decide to include at least 1 Tbsp Ghee or Coconut oil in your meals a day.

  • A dollop of Ghee on porridge for breakfast helps your digestion (Agni) off to a good start.
  • Both Ghee and Coconut oil clear toxins from the GI tract as they nourish your body - double benefit! It's no wonder our bodies have an affinity for these fats.
  • Our brains and guts love the fatty chain makeup of Ghee and Coconut oil.
  • Ghee can be lactose and casein free (free of dairy sugar and protein) when it's made well.

Ayurvedic Ghee is made with cultured butter. Probiotic benefits to gut health come from the lactic acid working on the milk before it's turned to butter. Most store bought butter is made from simple cream. Pasteurization disables the milks ability to produce its own bacteria so many cultured butters are made by adding curd back into cream - that's fine and your body will thank you for making your Ghee with organic cultured butter.

Here's our Ghee video recipe as promised - make your own Ghee in 15 mins for half the cost of store bought ghee. BUBBLE FOAM BUBBLE your way to wellness from the inside out!


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