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Heal your body with Polarity Therapy. Conversations with Amadea Morningstar

 Calm and soothe your ears with this week's VERY insightful Tiny House Ayurveda Podcast episode with the glorious and indefinable Amadea Morningstar. Lesley and Amadea discuss the healing and powerful benefits of Polarity therapy, and its origins.

Amadea, in her New Mexico abode, lives according to nature and the seasons. There is a rhythm and flow to the healing she allows, which shines through in this podcast, as she imparts healing exercises that can help you find a path to soul, body and mind healing.

Amadea's website: https://amadeamorningstar.net/

What you'll get from tuning in

  • A generous offering of easy exercises to do from home
  • Understanding of Polarity Therapy and its origins
  • Amadea's connection to Polarity Therapy Ayurveda
  • The healing benefits of this amazing practice
  • The soothing tones of Amadea Morningstar

Favourite Quotes

“You can imagine there’s a spiral of energy, or light all the way from the central core to the crown…and you can also imagine there’s a slinky of light all around the body.”

“Like babies, we can also be open to healing.”


PHOTO BY Angela Werneke



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