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Kids, Kapha and snacking.

As we move through the 5 pillars of health in 2020, from Food to Rest and Movement, this relevant episode will help you care for your kids and yourself.
After all kids are just small people and learning how your body works best together is key to a great Relationship.

Tune in to hear about clean Kapha foods, behind the scenes of Autism, how to eat a varied diet without snacking and the amazing benefits of moving your body every day.

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What you'll get from tuning in

  • The joy to be found in cooking for your children
  • The best way to feed your kids, for you
  • How to steer away from Kapha, and the Doshas when feeding your kids
  • Understanding how autism and the gut are related
  • Nourishing and feeding the brain
  • Healthy, nutritionally dense foods for your kids via the 6 tastes.

Favourite Quotes


“Choice is for people who know the options…it’s done within the guidelines of seasonal, local, nutritional density.”

“Even the concept of satiation, is linked to that concept…when you just link it to carbs, we have a problem. We should probably link it to the 6 tastes.”


Photo by Kelly Sikkema


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