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How to move through the day feeling balanced and ready

Ayurveda prescribes incorporating new health habits gradually, so they become familiar and sustainable.

One of the best ways to approach the day you want is to plan it and show up to do it without thinking your way out of it! Planning makes switching between activities and incorporating play and rest so much easier.

You're designed to expand, to stress, to transform into a happier healthier version of you. What's missing from your 5 pillars of health? What's missing from the 4 types of movement you can give your body? Tune in to find out and design your days so you feel relaxed in your mind and ready in your whole self.

Release your stress build up with an Ayurvedic warm oil massage, and regain balance.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Ways to implement habits for balance
  • More Ayurvedic terms to describe
  • How to expand into your space
  • Classic anecdotes from Rama!
  • How to deal with stress

Favourite Quotes

“That’s Ayurveda: Mind, Body, Environment.”

“Stress is growing, evolving, learning…We use it in so many different contexts.”


Photo by Ruslan Zh


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