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Keeping your cool with Pitta, Tejas and Rajas

Last year on the Radical Ayurveda Podcast, Dr Rama Prasad and I discussed the relationship between Vata, Sattva and Prana - all things space and air.

We also covered the Ayurvedic principles of Kapha, Tamas and Ojas - all things earth and water.

In this episode you'll learn when to use the firey terms Pitta, Rajas and Tejas. What they mean and how they relate to your physical and mental health.

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Whether it's summer where you are right now or another season, it's well into the new year and you might be feeling the heat at work or at home. Or simply on your own calendar, pressing on your time and making you feel 'too much too soon' kinda feelings. When really you wanted a more easeful flow to your 2020!

Let's get your chill factor back. Let's soothe the area of your life that's feeling burnt by first understanding where that is in your Body, Mind or Environment. 

  • When you look at something that's in between you and feeling better in yourself, it tends beginning to dissolve.
  • What makes you feel soothed and cool? Do more of that this week. Go on, prioritise it and schedule it on your calendar. We all want you to be that version of yourself.

Stay tuned and we'll guide you step by step every week to feel balanced again. 

Lesley - Founder Tiny House Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner

What you'll get from tuning in...

  • When language trys to shrink a big explanation into a word
  • How Pitta can be inflamed, but not increased
  • How to be present, and release tension in your mind, life and body
  • The benefits of mind, over the body and vice versa


Favourite Quotes

“Change your vocabulary around the sanskrit terms…otherwise come back to the gunas.” - LESLEY

“When you’re tired from exercising or doing, there’s a way to kick into next gear” - RAMA


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