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What sort of habits do you need to stay well? Conversations with Rachel Zinman

This is a brilliant episode of the Tiny House Ayurveda podcast, as Lesley talks with Rachel Zinman: Author, Yoga teacher and trainer, and world traveller. In listening you will get some wisdom for working with balance, staying present and well.

Have you ever wondered how those successful people can keep going? Rachel and Lesley discuss the balance that is required for an energy engine that can continue humming, through nourishment, self-love and balance.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • An idea of what a balanced Ayurvedic lifestyle looks like
  • Learn about Rachel, her partner, and their work!
  • How yoga and meditation can be incorporated into your life
  • Ayurvedic understanding of balance
  • Why food is so important!!

Favourite Quotes

“Making sure I nurtured myself so I could do my work in the world. “

“I wanna have a clear head, I wanna feel like my system is functioning to the best it can…I want to do the things that keep me in balance.”


Photo from LA Yoga Magazine


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