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How to relax for a deep rest


Let's focus on the pillar of health called Nidra. It's the rest and sleep recovery that literally holds you up!
It takes moments of relaxation to get into deep rest. In this episode we cover breaks, naps, weekends and holidays. PLUS Rama takes you on a little relaxation journey to slow your breath in an imaginary place of calm.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Breaking down rest and relaxation
  • How to relax more effectively Ayurvedically
  • Breath’s importance
  • Time as a important factor in relaxation
  • How to rest in exercise

Favourite Quotes

“Everyone needs rest, and to rest you need relaxation.”

“If you don’t have a routine (on the screen, writing constantly) and then 10 you stop and expect to sleep, that’s a problem.”


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