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Debunking some common Ayurvedic beliefs

Rama and Lesley both gave some common Ayurvedic beliefs a rethink early in their careers and reckon every good scientist sets out to critique the study. It's how we really get to know the body of work, to understand it and make it ours. Rama used the science of plant Chemistry to spark his insights into Ayurveda and develop his body typing method using the 5 elements.

This episode is an Ayurveda 101 discovery on how to use Prakruti (body type, constitution), Vikruti (presenting state usually of unwellness) and the 3 Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) in a way that really helps you and those you're helping understand what's going on and how to remedy the situation. It's a 'that makes more sense' moment when we hear that there isn't really much water element in Pitta's fire! 

Lesley developed the Bold Freedom Dinacharya method from applying the elements to every aspect of our daily life, from our calendars to our house design and as expected, meal prep. These doable ways of living sustainably well only came from questioning and they have helped more people become self-sufficient, instead of dependent on a health practitioner. 

The episode ends with a look into Nidra, rest. There is a way to recover from exhaustion of waking in the night!

Rama and Lesley believe you have the ability to heal yourself. We hope this episode sparks your curiosity about how your body works best and trust that you really do know what to do next. Need a hand getting clarity? Join our next Space to Cleanse and Reset  to learn about Ayurvedic health science while you experience it for yourself in the seasonal detox.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Modernising Ayurveda
  • How Rama and Lesley create an environment for contemporary Ayurvedic practice
  • Removing some preconceptions you may have about Ayurveda
  • Some of the ways practitioners treat clients
  • Removing stereotypes to more accurately treat symptoms
  • Why its sometimes best to just DO the things

Favourite Quotes

“It took 10 years to get a clear idea about how to tell a client’s body type…subjective questions won’t take us anywhere, and symptoms won’t get us there, we have to rely on Prakruti.”

“Let the body sleep, and only sleep. How to disturb a sleep? Eat a dinner.”


Photo by Miguel Bruna 


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