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You need Space to change

Change can only happen in Space! In this episode of the Tiny House Ayurveda Podcast series you'll get to question specifically where you need more spaciousness in your life so you can begin to feel better in your body and happier in your heart. 

When you're aligned in your environment, you'll feel more happy and that's when your health improves! You've felt that calmness before. Your breath is clear and well paced, you feel energised and able to make decisions. This is why it's so important to allow yourself white space in your calendar and feel light and bright in your home. And even have a clean work desk! 

Ayurveda's Panchmahabhuta - 5 Elements

From the subtle to the gross:

  1. Akash -
  2. Vayu - Air...time
  3. Agni - Fire...transformation
  4. Jala - Water...flow, movement
  5. Prithvi - Earth...embodiment, resources like money

One of the most common things I hear from people is 'I'm tired, I want more energy.' You can feel more energised when you allow Space. It's the subtlest of the 5 elements and can be a simple effective way to approach the other 4 elements of your life. When your calendar isn't full of to-dos you feel vibrant right? When you've more money you feel motivated right? 

When you eat to fuel your body and mind, leave some Space for the process of generating the energy you want. Don't eat until you feel stuffed full. Enjoy all the flavours and eat slower so you recognise more easily when you're satiated. The food is not energy, it's fuel. YOU generate energy! 

Balancing your life for easeful living through the 5 elements is what the BOLD Freedom method is all about. Click the image to read more about the Book and where to get your copy - available at most online book stores.

Who do you know who feels 'tired and too busy'? Share this Blog post with them, they'll thank you for the doable way to change up and feel more Spaciousness. 





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