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This is how you use your calendar to get more time.

Feel more free and less tired every week by capturing available energy in your calendar. If you're not scheduling your actions and aligning at your pace in your space, you've an energy leak! 

Plug the holes and learn the first steps to get your calendar working for YOU in this week's episode of the Tiny House Ayurveda Podcast series.

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What you'll get from tuning in

  • Nidra (rest, sleep, relaxation) begins
  • How to settle the senses in the city or country
  • Relating to elements Ayurvedically
  • How the calendar captures your time
  • How to schedule your life with flexibility and pace
  • Practical tips for managing time

Favourite Quotes

“The Core of Ayurveda: body, mind and environment.”

“When you align your action at your own pace in your space you feel free.”

Photo by Savannah Wakefield

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