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How to have an Ayurvedic weekend and healthy holiday.

This week we continue the conversation around Nidra, rest. We know a break or nap from working or studying makes us feel relaxed. Have you ever considered the role of weekends or holidays in your life?

You can become sustainably well by nurturing the foundations of health - like pausing a while and taking a break to breathe and refresh yourself.

Tune in learn how to feel deeply rested, improve your relationships including the ones with yourself and alcohol PLUS when to get ready for the week ahead.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • What are sleep, siesta, break, weekends, vacation?
  • How to use these terms and turn them into action.
  • How to vacation properly
  • The effects of alcohol
  • Why we need to balance mind and body!

Favourite Quotes

“Often on vacation people destroy their minds and bodies, with the things they should never do, in the name of relaxation.”

“You can take on a long deep breathing practice, minute on, minute off…it’s not just about breathing, its about exploring your body.”

Photo by Eddy Billard 


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