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How does Ayurveda approach Relationships?


 We have entered a new Pillar of Health: Relationships! This episode is a little bit different, as Lesley & Rama record their chat, connecting face to face. It's a fast and impactful introduction to the fourth pillar of relationships.

Your two fabulous hosts chat about the importance of stilling yourself and returning to what makes you happy. The relationships with yourself are often the most important and are the base for connecting with the world. How do you find joy and wonder in your life?

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Ayurvedic approach and understanding of Relationships
  • How Rama and Lesley use Ayurveda to flourish
  • What about the relationship with your self?
  • Ayurvedic happiness
  • How to we see the world as if for the first time?

Favourite Quotes

“Why do we not do that?…Why are we not coming back to our centre?”

“To think about it all is this huge thing…so Ayurveda gives us the steps through Dinacharya.”


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