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Why you shouldn't be meditating...yet!

Leading on from their last episode about Prakruti, your two hosts chat about Yoga and its place your life. As the series about Movement comes to a close, Rama and Lesley discuss meditation, being your own priority and the stillness in which inner strength can be found.

Have you been told to meditate before? Rama asks you to reconsider if you're in the right place for it, before diving in. And then provides some delightful wisdom about the fundamentals of yoga: Asana (the movements), Pranayama (the breath), Jñāna (knowledge of the spiritual kind). This episode will brighten, and strengthen your idea of yoga and self realisation. Not one to miss.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Get to know the fundamentals of Yoga
  • Understand why meditation is not always the solution
  • A motivation to love and give attention to yourself
  • Why balance and clarity is key
  • Understand strength and movement in an Ayurvedic context

Favourite Quotes

“Yoga is optimisation of your everything.”

“The conscious mind never goes into the subconscious…”


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