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Healing the Creative Spirit with Beauty Therapy - Conversations With Helen, Varnish Studio Noosa

Over the last couple of months we've been talking about the Ayurvedic pillar of health called Nidra, rest. This conversation with Helen Bruce, artist and Ayurvedic therapist, will guide you as we shift into talking about movement and exercise in the next couple of episodes.

Setting the scene by designing the space and time to get into the creative zone allows healing and deep rest. Poised here our busy monkey minds are distracted by meditative focus, an artist painting, a therapist massaging. When we're here, we glow and that is true beauty.

Helen talks about holding a vision then trusting herself to act and be delighted when things fall into place! Tune in to hear more about that place between doing and resting. 

What you'll get from tuning in

  • The difference between resting and relaxing
  • How beauty therapy can make you glow from the inside
  • Why to get in touch with your art is good for everyone

Favourite Quotes

“When you’re resting, that’s when your body has time to heal. But when you lie on the beach you can relax. That seems to be the difference to me.”

“We need to stop our monkey mind to rest! Not having distractions…”


Photo by Damir Spanic


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