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How does Myofascial Release work?

This week I chat with my Myofascial Release Therapy teacher Chris O'Brien (same surname is a coincidence) about his body of work called Core Body Therapy.

Chris talks about the importance of the neutral practitioner and seeking permission from the client before beginning body work. After sinking into a muscle or trigger spot, we wait for it to melt and follow the line of tension. Once relaxed and open, layers of physical, emotional or mental conflict rise to the surface.  It's in this...

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How to move through the day feeling balanced and ready

Ayurveda prescribes incorporating new health habits gradually, so they become familiar and sustainable.

One of the best ways to approach the day you want is to plan it and show up to do it without thinking your way out of it! Planning makes switching between activities and incorporating play and rest so much easier.

You're designed to expand, to stress, to transform into a happier healthier version of you. What's missing from your 5 pillars of health? What's missing from the 4 types of...

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How a Tiny House gives financial freedom

This week I chat with Amy and Greg from Life Done Simple about how stress free their life is in their Aussie Tiny Houses home on wheels and how it's giving them financial freedom. If you're interested in simplifying your life, this episode is for you.

Amy and Greg talk about what it's really like living in a Tiny House - we cover looking after the vegetable garden, emptying the compost toilet and staying warm in cold weather.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Greg and Amy's intimate experience...
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Debunking some common Ayurvedic beliefs

Rama and Lesley both gave some common Ayurvedic beliefs a rethink early in their careers and reckon every good scientist sets out to critique the study. It's how we really get to know the body of work, to understand it and make it ours. Rama used the science of plant Chemistry to spark his insights into Ayurveda and develop his body typing method using the 5 elements.

This episode is an Ayurveda 101 discovery on how to use Prakruti (body type, constitution), Vikruti...

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Healing the Creative Spirit with Beauty Therapy - Conversations With Helen, Varnish Studio Noosa

Over the last couple of months we've been talking about the Ayurvedic pillar of health called Nidra, rest. This conversation with Helen Bruce, artist and Ayurvedic therapist, will guide you as we shift into talking about movement and exercise in the next couple of episodes.

Setting the scene by designing the space and time to get into the creative zone allows healing and deep rest. Poised here our busy monkey minds are distracted by meditative focus, an artist painting, a therapist...

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How to have an Ayurvedic weekend and healthy holiday.

This week we continue the conversation around Nidra, rest. We know a break or nap from working or studying makes us feel relaxed. Have you ever considered the role of weekends or holidays in your life?

You can become sustainably well by nurturing the foundations of health - like pausing a while and taking a break to breathe and refresh yourself.

Tune in learn how to feel deeply rested, improve your relationships including the ones with yourself and alcohol PLUS when to get ready for...

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Do creative people plan?

Preparing your work helps you be relaxed doing it. Notice your need for rest and create time for relaxation. These are ways Tams poises herself in work-life balance as an artist.

Planning helps your purpose express itself. It encourages you to get curious about where your time and energy go. And that supports your growth and feeling free.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Planning as a creative
  • Rest and Relaxation as a balancing force for creative work
  • Never fear failure
  • Skill and time are...
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Kids, Kapha and snacking.

As we move through the 5 pillars of health in 2020, from Food to Rest and Movement, this relevant episode will help you care for your kids and yourself.
After all kids are just small people and learning how your body works best together is key to a great Relationship.

Tune in to hear about clean Kapha foods, behind the scenes of Autism, how to eat a varied diet without snacking and the amazing benefits of moving your body every day.

Do you have a topic you want us to discuss or a question you...

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How to balance your masculine and feminine energy. Conversations with..Jay Kimber

If you feel burnt out or confused about your direction, this episode is for you.

Listen in to reconnect with your masculine and feminine aspects for balanced energy. Get the why behind you receiving is healthy for everyone.  And learn how to plan your creative moments! PLUS Jay offers a tip for when you need a reset.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Women in the art of business
  • Learning the importance of receiving
  • Poise in two worlds
  • Hustling right
  • The plan.
  • Using the genius, powerful...
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How to relax for a deep rest


Let's focus on the pillar of health called Nidra. It's the rest and sleep recovery that literally holds you up!
It takes moments of relaxation to get into deep rest. In this episode we cover breaks, naps, weekends and holidays. PLUS Rama takes you on a little relaxation journey to slow your breath in an imaginary place of calm.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Breaking down rest and relaxation
  • How to relax more effectively Ayurvedically
  • Breath’s importance
  • Time as a important...
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