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Keeping your cool with Pitta, Tejas and Rajas

Last year on the Radical Ayurveda Podcast, Dr Rama Prasad and I discussed the relationship between Vata, Sattva and Prana - all things space and air.

We also covered the Ayurvedic principles of Kapha, Tamas and Ojas - all things earth and water.

In this episode you'll learn when to use the firey terms Pitta, Rajas and Tejas. What they mean and how they relate to your physical and mental health.

We have a free video training tool to help you find your true body type...Beyond the...

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You need Space to change

Change can only happen in Space! In this episode of the Tiny House Ayurveda Podcast series you'll get to question specifically where you need more spaciousness in your life so you can begin to feel better in your body and happier in your heart. 

When you're aligned in your environment, you'll feel more happy and that's when your health improves! You've felt that calmness before. Your breath is clear and well paced, you feel energised and able to make decisions. This is why it's so...

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There's no need to be hustled along!

busy season seasonal slow spring Nov 17, 2019

We're springing into summer so quickly that falling sick or getting burn out are a real risk! Let's keep you well..

Every Spring our body naturally becomes a better fat burner. The heavier, high-protein, high-fat foods of Winter that insulate and rejuvenate us are replaced with austere, low-fat foods of Spring. To get energy with less fat in our diets we burn the fat stores we have. Don't miss the opportunity to detox and reset. The AyurB Space to Heal Ayurvedic Cleanse and Reset...

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Waking achy! Let's look at Ama in your joints.

Do you waking achy in the morning? This episode takes a look at tendons, ligaments and joints, and the wear and Ama that can lead to joint pain. For more detail on bones and arthritis, see the episode on Bone Health.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Ayurvedic understanding of how the ligaments & muscles function
  • A life-endangered story from Rama
  • Your questions answered
  • What to eat to wake up happy and ready
  • Habits to maintain for flexible muscles

Links & Related episodes

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What's Your Real Ayurvedic Body Type?

Beyond the Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) there are five elements, the Panchmahabhuta. In this episode you'll discover how to use the elements to determine your REAL Body Type. It's great information about how your body works best and gives massive insight into why people around you are they way they are! Ayurvedic zodiac!

What you'll get from tuning in

  • An understanding of how constitution works in Ayurveda
  • Definitions of Vikruti & Prakruti
  • How some quizzes are not about body type,...
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Understanding recurrent UTIs and Diverticulitis.

The Urinary Tract and Colon get attention in this fortnight's episode where we answer listener questions. This episode sheds light on what's happening behind the scene in cases of recurrent UTIs, explains pockets that appear where there's cellulite and settles the situation in Diverticulosis before it inflames to 'itis'!

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Your questions answered from last week’s episode
  • How toxins move within your body and present themselves
  • Ways to reduce and/or prevent...
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Ayurvedic Nutrition

This episode will give you a tasty way to Spring into Summer! Have a pen and paper on hand to take notes as you'll learn about the 6 tastes (Rasa) at the next level. You'll want to design your weekly meal plan around this, to get the clean, energised, pain free body you've been seeking. We talk about raw foods, ferments and chutney. Enjoy!

What you'll get from tuning in

  • The importance of the 6 Tastes or Rasa
  • What is vital for proper nutrition assimilation
  • Understanding of the proportions of...
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Clear cellulite for good with a deep burn!

Ever wondered what cellulite is and how to get rid of it? This stubborn Ama needs a deep, clear burn to be eliminated for good.  In this episode you'll learn four steps to get rid of cellulite and start feeling better in your body.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Analogies to understand cellulite
  • Why and where cellulite occurs in your body
  • Ways to metabolise your cellulite
  • How your immune system can help
  • Information to eat micronutrients and absorb it


2:30 - intermittent...

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Losing weight while on a detox isn't always wanted but it's usually a good thing.

Cleansing your system of residue Ama is an important process to experience twice a year at least in spring and autumn. If you're very ill, your practitioner might guide you through a detox program as part of your treatment plan. Either way you might experience weight loss and sometimes it's not wanted! In this episode we'll shed light on why you do want to shed some dirty kilos.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • The benefits of living in nature, on farms and outside
  • Understanding of the daily...
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Getting to know Kapha, Tamas and Ojas

This episode dives into Ayurvedic health science terminology and aligns some of the misused terms. You may even find them redefined compared to what you thought! Dig in, get earthy, feed your vitality and then we end on a sweet note. You guessed it, today's episode is all about Kapha Dosha, the immune concept of Tamas and Guna Ojas.

If you missed Vata, Sattva and Prana, listen to that episode first. And keep an eye out for Pitta, Rajas and Tejas coming soon. 
We're determined to help you...

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