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Headache relief

diet food gut headaches podcast Dec 31, 2017

Get deep behind what causes headaches and discover how much the gut has to do with it! In this episode we cover the psychology and biology that leads to the various types of headaches. The remedy lies there! 

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Causes of the various types of headaches.
  • How psychology affects biology.
  • The surprising fact that gut issues lead to headaches!
  • The ability to identify a head ache type.
  • Gut...
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Skin Integrity

The health of your skin is dependent on how well you sleep. In this episode we explain the relationship between dinner, shower time and the quality of your sleep. Be prepared for some biology all about your lymph and that Ayurveda recommends cold showers!

What you'll get from tuning in

  • The best time of day to shower.
  • How dinner time affects your sleep and skin health.
  • What good sleep look like!
  • What causes hot...
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Ease into Summer & avoid burn out

Stay cool and easeful as you tie off the working year and begin your holidays. In this episode we share how to nutrify yourself to align with your body's needs into Summer. Plus we give you a key way to get the deep rest you need right now.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • How to avoid stress and burn out which leaves you vulnerable to catching a cold.
  • Ritucharya about diet and nutrition leading into Summer.
  • ...
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The three best ways to recharge yourself every day.

On today's show we hone in on the three key areas that you can uplevel to feel more vibrant in your day. You'll sleep better and be able to wake ready to handle the most trying of days! Great advice for this time of year don't you think ;)

What you'll get from tuning in

  • A way to cycle into a good night's sleep by what you eat for dinner.
  • How to design your breakfast and lunch so you've less pressure on dinner time.
  • ...
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How to recharge yourself every 24 hours!

The three most important ways to give yourself the energy you need to manage your day are set around good sleep, breakfast and exercise. In this show we breakdown what that looks like and how you can input to get the best output!

We cover

  • Sleep and how to prepare for a good night.
  • What a good breakfast looks like.
  • Efficient exercise.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • A way to cycle into a good night's sleep by what you eat for dinner.
  • How to design your breakfast and lunch so you've less...
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How to give yourself a health check by reading your tongue!

Look at your tongue like a practitioner does to determine the state of your inner health and what your body needs today!

This audio comes from a video conversation we had over at The old AyurBotanicals YouTube Conversations With... series.

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Redefining the Doshas and Diving Deeper Into Ayurveda


A healthy perspective about the way the Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) are used in Ayurveda. Rama and Lesley offer the gunas (properties) as the better way to approach your daily decisions! And we talk about the importance of Agni (digestive ability).

FREE WORKSHOP Your True Body Type - Beyond the Doshas

This conversation is taken from a video - available on Tiny House Ayurveda YouTube. And was our first Podcast Episode when we launched in 2017!

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Ghee recipe

Ghee the golden elixir

Daily self-care habits are absolutely key to feeling good in your body because no-one can have that level of connection with you, except you. When you pay attention to your needs and wants, you start to feel safer and open enough for outside help to reach your core. 

Ageing gracefully comes from feeling good in our body and living from that place. To feel good within ourselves we have to be courageous enough to pay attention to what we really need and want. How...

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Our favourite Kitchari recipe

Kitchari is a time friendly, easily digested, nourishing one pot meal. We love making and eating it all year round and especially use it in our Seasonal Detox - we make it extra liquid during cleansing time. 

What is Kitchari?
It's NOT rice and dhal! Kitchari is Basmati rice and split mung dhal activated through soaking over night then cooked with digestive spices and optional vegetables. 

We like to choose what particular spices and veg we use on the day - depending on how...

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