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Here's were you'll find our Podcast episodes plus videos and articles for Daily Rhythm.

What does healthy eating mean for you?

agni food ghee nutrition podcast Apr 27, 2020

This episode is a wrap up about Ahara, food and drink as a foundation and pillar of your health that literally holds you up. We summarise the last few episodes mentioning Nutrition, the tastes and seasonal food choices.

Then we expand into the vast topic of diet, digestion and nutrition by taking you into food combinations, your gut biome, discovering the benefits of Aloe Vera and Ghee and how to allow rather than control the way you feed yourself. In Ayurveda Agni is vital for digestion,...

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Love life again, using your Agni

It may seem surprising, but stoking your Agni and your appetite will lead to the love of life. Rama and Lesley delve deep into the aspects of appetite and how desire for food, leads to desire for life, whilst giving you some helpful tips on how to do exactly that.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • A key morning habit to create appetite and desire
  • Realise that desire for food = desire for...
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