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Here's were you'll find our Podcast episodes plus videos and articles for Daily Rhythm.

Debunking some common Ayurvedic beliefs

Rama and Lesley both gave some common Ayurvedic beliefs a rethink early in their careers and reckon every good scientist sets out to critique the study. It's how we really get to know the body of work, to understand it and make it ours. Rama used the science of plant Chemistry to spark his insights into Ayurveda and develop his body typing method using the 5 elements.

This episode is an Ayurveda 101 discovery on how to use Prakruti (body type, constitution), Vikruti...

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Kids, Kapha and snacking.

As we move through the 5 pillars of health in 2020, from Food to Rest and Movement, this relevant episode will help you care for your kids and yourself.
After all kids are just small people and learning how your body works best together is key to a great Relationship.

Tune in to hear about clean Kapha foods, behind the scenes of Autism, how to eat a varied diet without snacking and the amazing benefits of moving your body every day.

Do you have a topic you want us to discuss or a question you...

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What does healthy eating mean for you?

agni food ghee nutrition podcast Apr 27, 2020

This episode is a wrap up about Ahara, food and drink as a foundation and pillar of your health that literally holds you up. We summarise the last few episodes mentioning Nutrition, the tastes and seasonal food choices.

Then we expand into the vast topic of diet, digestion and nutrition by taking you into food combinations, your gut biome, discovering the benefits of Aloe Vera and Ghee and how to allow rather than control the way you feed yourself. In Ayurveda Agni is vital for digestion,...

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Nutrition from rhythmical eating

This episode continues the discussion around Ahara, food and drink, as a vital pillar of health. Tune in to hear how the 5 elements of Ayurveda match up with macro and micro nutrients.

Learn about rhythmical eating, meal spacing and how to get clear of constipation. If you don't go at least once a've got constipation!

What you'll get from tuning in

  • More Ahara talk! There’s deeper to go…
  • Why balance if vital for healthy living
  • Some foods and their types
  • How pass the...
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Food for Health

In this episode we look at Ahara, food and drink. It's one of the five pillars of health. You want a diet that fuels you and gives your system the nutrients it needs to function well.

Avoiding snacking improves your Agni, digestive capability, and including fermented foods improves the quality of your micro-biome.

Consider the quality of your GI tract, it's lining called an inner skin, and the peristaltic movement. In Ayurveda we call this Grahani. Inner skin is nourished much like your...

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Ayurvedic Nutrition

This episode will give you a tasty way to Spring into Summer! Have a pen and paper on hand to take notes as you'll learn about the 6 tastes (Rasa) at the next level. You'll want to design your weekly meal plan around this, to get the clean, energised, pain free body you've been seeking. We talk about raw foods, ferments and chutney. Enjoy!

What you'll get from tuning in

  • The importance of the 6 Tastes or Rasa
  • What is vital for proper nutrition assimilation
  • Understanding of the proportions of...
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Clear cellulite for good with a deep burn!

Ever wondered what cellulite is and how to get rid of it? This stubborn Ama needs a deep, clear burn to be eliminated for good.  In this episode you'll learn four steps to get rid of cellulite and start feeling better in your body.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Analogies to understand cellulite
  • Why and where cellulite occurs in your body
  • Ways to metabolise your cellulite
  • How your immune system can help
  • Information to eat micronutrients and absorb it


2:30 - intermittent...

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Getting to know Kapha, Tamas and Ojas

This episode dives into Ayurvedic health science terminology and aligns some of the misused terms. You may even find them redefined compared to what you thought! Dig in, get earthy, feed your vitality and then we end on a sweet note. You guessed it, today's episode is all about Kapha Dosha, the immune concept of Tamas and Guna Ojas.

If you missed Vata, Sattva and Prana, listen to that episode first. And keep an eye out for Pitta, Rajas and Tejas coming soon. 
We're determined to help you...

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Balancing your body chemistry is mind over matter!

If you wonder how some people can eat junk food and not get sick, this episode is for you. Listen in to learn how your attitude affects your body chemistry which can lead to physical health concerns. We answer listener questions about allergic rhinitis, salt cravings and poor eye sight.

Check out our other podcast: Tiny House Ayurveda on the same channel as The Radical Ayurveda Podcast

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Ways to seek health advice without getting to the extreme
  • Why...
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How to have strong healthy white teeth with Ayurveda.

Oral hygiene is important because your mouth is the gateway to your Maha Srota (main channel), your Gut!  In this episode you'll learn how to massage your gums for strong healthy white teeth. Listen in to find out how to keep your pearly whites in your precious mouth as you discover Ayurveda's secrets to vibrant longevity.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Techniques to keep your teeth strong...
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