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What are you designed for?

The Radical Ayurveda Podcast · How to really return to Prakruti #071

What are you designed for? This week, Rama and Lesley discuss Prakruti and its modern day application. Avoiding using the Doshic language that we see everywhere, Rama and Lesley dissect why stereotyping body types based on traits is unhelpful in terms of treating chronic illnesses.

Instead Rama provides a realistic, and applicable approach to your natural body type, so that you can live the life you're meant to. How...

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Debunking some common Ayurvedic beliefs

Rama and Lesley both gave some common Ayurvedic beliefs a rethink early in their careers and reckon every good scientist sets out to critique the study. It's how we really get to know the body of work, to understand it and make it ours. Rama used the science of plant Chemistry to spark his insights into Ayurveda and develop his body typing method using the 5 elements.

This episode is an Ayurveda 101 discovery on how to use Prakruti (body type, constitution), Vikruti...

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