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What sort of habits do you need to stay well? Conversations with Rachel Zinman

This is a brilliant episode of the Tiny House Ayurveda podcast, as Lesley talks with Rachel Zinman: Author, Yoga teacher and trainer, and world traveller. In listening you will get some wisdom for working with balance, staying present and well.

Have you ever wondered how those successful people can keep going? Rachel and Lesley discuss the balance that is required for...

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Why you shouldn't be meditating...yet!

Leading on from their last episode about Prakruti, your two hosts chat about Yoga and its place your life. As the series about Movement comes to a close, Rama and Lesley discuss meditation, being your own priority and the stillness in which inner strength can be found.

Have you been told to meditate before? Rama asks you to reconsider if you're in the right place for it, before diving in. And then provides some...

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Breathe into a deep sense of rest - with Georgia Rhodes

Listen in to learn fundamental ways to remember, to notice where you're at and then breathe into the moment. That's where you re-centre and continue the day in a better frame of mind and physical stress state than before.  By using which ever of the 5 senses sparks you best, there are ways to delight again.

Spark the senses and reset in our Space to Cleanse and Reset

Georgia's website - https://www.georgiarhodes.com.au/

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Tips to feel calm in...
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