BOLD Freedom the Book, the Method

An elegant blend of Ayurvedic Dinacharya, Time Mastery and Habit Science that will guide you to easeful living.

Read the book. Do the book!

2nd Edition Available Now

Learn the method in a guided course.

Learn and practice the 9 daily health habits for complete and sustainable wellness in 3 months (includes a Cleanse and Reset) or choose one at a time in a short course.

Without a method you'll default to your habits! Get guided in the steps to easeful living through Space, Pace and Poise. 


Author's WHY

​My intention is to address reader's health according to the most common presenting problem I hear from patients: 'I want more energy, I don't have enough time.' I've infused the Ayurvedic principles of Dinacharya (daily routine) and the impact the Panchamahabhuta (the five elements) have in an approachable way. I've found that once people begin to utilise the power of Vijnanamayakosha (to reflect and to know) they awaken their intuition and when supported with behavioural science to alter habits, then health and happiness comes...sustainably, not reliant on me the practitioner! I hope the Bold Freedom method clears the conversation with the self.
Lesley - Founder, Ayurvedic medicine practitioner, co-host of the Radical Ayurveda Podcast.

""There are 4 supports we need for a healthy life. These are food, recreation, healthy routines and healthy thinking. Bold Freedom gives us the tools, the inspiration and the encouragement to introduce these into our life, maintain and sustain them. Don't just read it, do it! It inspires me." Denise W. Yoga Teacher, Parent Educator "

Denise W.
Yoga Teacher

"Bold Freedom is a complete manual. It will pull you into yourself to find more health and happiness. This small book covers every aspect and Lesley has done a fantastic job of making it simple."

Dr Rama Prasad
BAMS Ayurveda, Yoga and Sanskrit, Co-host of the Radical Ayurveda Podcast

"I've been battling Melanomas for over fifteen years now. When the Medical Profession ran out of ideas, I explored a range of alternative protocols which have kept me alive and creatively productive. After reading Lesley's book Bold Freedom I was so intuitively impressed I believe this is the link that has been missing from my achieving the complete elimination of my Melanomas."

Tony Barry
Actor, Activist

"Daily regimen is a great effort to tune with nature and self. Lesley has made a wonderful attempt to bring balance of both providing ways to look inwards and find ways to balance and harmonise. This book has become a torch-bearer for people seeking health through Ayurveda."

Ashtavaidyan Dr A N Narayan Nambi
BAMS Ayurveda, MD(ay), MRAP(Italy), Ph.D (Endocrinology and Metabolism)

BOLD Freedom is for Everyone

Sustainable Wellness

BOLD Freedom is a method that guides you to master how you use your time and upgrade your physiology simultaneously. Time is the essence of how we find ourselves out of rhythm with our own life. Find the space to heal, have fun days and learn how Yogis remove body aches and pains as they refine with age. 

The BOLD Freedom method is an elegant fusion of Ayurveda, Time Management and Behavioural Science. It's a guide book to designing a calendar and daily habits that create days you want to show up for, days that take you where you want to be.

The Bold Freedom method works for individuals, family groups and small business entities.​By looking at how we currently use our time, and where our energy and focus are going, it's easier to see what needs to change to have more energy, better gut health and a clear head space! PLUS BOLD Freedom taps you into the natural courage you need to action for a flourishing life.​

In a pragmatic way, Bold Freedom goes as deep as you want, to find the resources, skills and understanding you need to feel happier and healthier. You have the ability to stop going in circles seeking remedies, wasting precious time, energy and money. It begins with you.

​Thanks to these students for sharing how the BOLD Freedom book has helped them feel better.




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