The Space to Cleanse and Reset

A transformative Ayurvedic Cleanse to revitalise your body, clear your mind and harness the energy of the new season.

Are you tired of feeling TIRED?
Are you spending money on supplements?
Are you STRUGGLING with aches, pains or allergies?
Do you feel like you’re functioning at 5/10 when you want to be at least a 9?

If you’re feeling BLAH, but you’re not sure why, you could benefit from a good Spring clean. ​

As we move through the seasons, it’s common to suffer from low energy, fatigue, allergies, aches and pains. But just because something is common, doesn’t mean it’s OK. Your body is designed to thrive, not survive, so why settle for feeling sub-par?

What if there was a way to feel clean, vibrant and energised in time for that next big event? A way to enjoy optimal health instead of feeling average at best (and completely burnt out on a bad day). Imagine if, in just 21 days, you could be glowing with wellness, sleeping like a log and giving off good vibes so strong, people would ask “what’s your secret?” It sounds like a dream, but it’s 100% doable with the Space to Cleanse and Reset. 

Cleanse and Reset is OPEN! Book your place and kick off with us on 3rd October.

Book your place or detox with a friend and save $80!




21 day Ayurvedic detox to harness seasonal rhythms.

Fully supported live online with preparation and glide out weeks.

Meet international Ayurvedic expert Amadea Morningstar.

Ayurvedic 1-1 Consultation.

BONUS Healthy Kids course for anyone who has a body and wants to learn how to take care of it.

After the Cleanse: monthly Membership offer - stay tuned into your wellbeing, feeling supported every day and join future Cleanses for half price.





21 day Ayurvedic detox to harness seasonal rhythms.

Fully supported live online with preparation and glide out weeks.

Meet international Ayurveda expert Amadea Morningstar.

Ayurvedic 1-1 Consultation.

BONUS Healthy Kids course for anyone who has a body and wants to learn how to take care of it.

After the Cleanse: monthly Membership offer - stay tuned into your wellbeing, feeling supported every day and join future Cleanses for half price.





Yes, you get access immediately!

21 day Ayurvedic detox to harness seasonal rhythms.

Fully supported live online with preparation and glide out weeks.

Meet international expert Amadea Morningstar Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic 1-1 Consultation.

BONUS Healthy Kids course for anyone who has a body and wants to learn how to take care of it.

After the Cleanse: monthly Membership offer - stay tuned into your wellbeing, feeling supported every day and join future Cleanses for half price.


How the Cleanse program works

Based on Ayurvedic Panchakarma principles of detox.

Align – preparation (7 days)

The Align phase is all about setting goals, planning your meals and preparing your body. During this phase, we focus on eating whole foods and eliminating stimulants. As your body settles, your digestive ability (called Agni in Ayurveda) is activated, allowing you to experience early breakthroughs. You’ll see and feel a real difference in just a few days!

Release – deep inward journey (7 days)

The Release phase begins with a 4 day detox, comprised mostly of liquid foods. This intensive cleanse is small but mighty, allowing your body to clear toxic residue (called Ama in Ayurveda) and build more healthy tissue. At the end of the 4 day detox, there’s an optional 3 day mono diet to help you achieve a deeper cleanse – and continue healing from the inside out. By the end of this phase you’ll be bright-eyed and brimming with energy. You won’t believe the difference.

Renew – exit gracefully (7 days)

The Renew phase provides a gentle transition back into everyday life. You’ll emerge into a realigned relationship with your body, mind and environment, with a new vision of what’s possible – and how to avoid the rebound effect. In this phase, we reintroduce more solid whole foods to revitalise your system and strengthen your immunity. We also explore simple ways to ensure your good health continues until the next cleanse and reset.

21 days to abundant energy, restorative sleep and radiant health.

The Space to Cleanse and Reset is the perfect remedy for fatigue, flare ups and fogginess that come with the change of seasons. It’s the 21 day kickstart you need to go from feeling run-down and mediocre to feeling fresher than a daisy (and looking fresh-faced too).

With live online guidance from Lesley O’Brien, plus support from top natural wellness practitioners, you’ll learn loads about Ayurveda and the cleanse protocol of Panchakarma. Most importantly, you’ll learn about more about YOU and how your body works best. Once you master the art of intuition, wellness becomes second nature.
Unlike other cleanse programs, Space to Cleanse is more than a detox or diet plan. It’s a transformative Ayurvedic experience for your mind, body and spirit. The program encapsulates food, movement, mindfulness and your environment, allowing you to enjoy deep benefits beyond what you’d get from a typical cleanse. A chance to Reset.

The schedule

Live online coaching calls will keep you on track throughout the cleanse. There are new insights and lessons each week, plus time to share stories, ask questions and seek advice. Can’t make the call? No problem. Everything’s recorded, so you can catch the replay.

"Amazing! I feel so much better than I have in I can't remember. And I only took it pretty easy due to breastfeeding. I had more energy and felt renewed. Found it easier to get more organised and motivated for the day ahead which made family life happier."

Rachael Twist
Autumn 2017

"After the Autumn 2018 Cleanse I felt greater mental clarity, better sleep and more energy."

Jo Nicholls
Herbalist, Nutritionist

"Better sleep. Had great mental clarity although that has now gone. Did experience slowing of time and great calm for a few days. Better digestion and elimination."

Jane Rollinson
Autumn 2017

"Definitely noticed my concentration improve. I was calmer and had more clarity of mind to make better decisions. I started to have appetite again first thing in the mornings and had less craving"

Marcus B.
Computer Technician

"Some persistent aches lessened which in turn made me feel more confident about long term improvement. The oil massages made my skin feel more hydrated and made me realise how dry it really is and how deep hydration needs to go to be truly hydrated."

Denise W.
Spring 2018

"I was surprised how the detox all fell into place and fitted well into my family's routines. Tweaking our daily habits & diet to see & feel great results. All the planning is set up before hand and Lesley helped me make the detox specific to my needs. I got what I needed from it. My fav was the daily body massage with the delicious Ayurveda oils. I am well in need and looking forward to next years. Yeah to joints moving smoothly again."

Michelle O'Brien
Autumn 2015

"My well-being has noticeably benefited both health wise (my body aches diminished considerably and I lost weight and felt slimmer and trimmer and cleansed) and mentally/emotionally it helped me calm my thoughts and actions thus lessening unnecessary stress and anxiety. I'm very happy that I decided to do the detox. What made it great was the care shown by Lesley and ready availability of response to any queries."

Fay Beetham
Medical Centre Admin

"Thank you Tiny House Ayurveda! I have really loved his process; at the end of the 2 weeks I am feeling lighter in my being with far more energy. I'm so grateful to Lesley for her incredible generosity of time and knowledge.This Cleanse has sparked my interest and I look forward to learning more about Ayurveda and how I can apply it in my life."

Eliza Crowe-Maxwell
Energy Practitioner and Coach

Feeling the first signs of fatigue? Don’t wait until you reach burnout!

Tiredness sets in and tends to sneak up quickly. If you’re lacking energy now, it’s likely you’ll feel burnt out in a few months if you don’t get ahead of the game. The cleanse is the perfect way to reset and recharge, so you can feel fresh, focused and organised instead of feeling exhausted and flat. It’s especially effective for improving resilience to allergies and keeping colds at bay – because no one wants to be sick and miss the fun of life!

  • The cleanse guide outlining everything you need to know about the 21 day program.
  • A collection of cleansing recipes to inspire you in the kitchen and make meal planning simple.
  • An Ayurvedic tongue analysis to determine what your system needs most. This 45 minute consultation will help you create your own customised cleanse roadmap.
  • Live weekly coaching calls with Lesley O’Brien.
  • A library of Ayurvedic resources to teach you about cooking, eating, moving, breathing and resting efficiently.
  • Access to the forum where you can connect with fellow cleansers, past and present, and improve your chances of success. There's loads of health pros in there detoxing too.
  • ​21 days of support so you never feel confused or alone. Relax knowing that help is at hand, whatever questions arise.
  • Member access so you can repeat the cleanse anytime and stay connected with the community. 

  • An abundance of energy.
  • Freedom from fatigue.
  • Deep, restorative sleep.
  • Relief from aches and pains.
  • Clear, glowing skin.
  • Improved digestion and absorption.
  • Removal of built-up toxic residue.
  • Relief from allergies and sinus issues.
  • More hours in your day.
  • A clear, clutter-free environment.
  • Alignment with your body and mind.
  • Shedding of outdated beliefs and trauma.
  • A 6-month springboard for good health.

If you don't feel better after following the program completely you'll get your old body back!

Join us for an invigorating cleanse and experience it for yourself. There’s nothing to lose except toxic Ama, self-limiting beliefs and habits that don’t serve you. Join now and get early access to resources and the cleanse community. ​


Frequently Asked Questions

Ayurveda is a holistic system that treats the body, mind and spirit. To ensure you achieve sustainable results, Space to Heal focuses on more than just food. The course combines cooking, decluttering, time management, mindfulness, movement and relationships. We cover all bases to set you up for lasting success!

When you sign up, you’ll receive an email giving you access to the program guide and resource library, so you can login and start exploring. From there, you can book your Ayurvedic 1-1 consultation and together we’ll customise your cleanse plan to suit you best.

Further instructions are provided when you join, but it couldn’t be easier. Simply take a photo of
your tongue and send it through. Our practitioner Lesley will analyse the image, looking at the colour, texture, coating and tastebuds. Your findings will be presented in a live online consultation
(conducted on the phone)

The program focuses on graduating to whole, plant-based foods for the 21 days, with a more intensive 4 day protocol during the Release phase. Soups, juices, smoothies and liquids will likely be your go-to foods during the 4 days.

No problem. Your meal plan can be customised according to your unique needs and consultation results. There are 3 suggested meal plans to choose from, depending on how deep you want to go.

Rather than shedding weight, Space to Heal helps you shed toxic residue and build back healthy
tissue. While some cleansers lose weight as a natural outcome of healthier eating, weight loss isn’t the goal or a necessary outcome. Trust that your body will balance itself in the best way possible.

Yes! People of all ages and backgrounds participate in Space to Heal. We’ve had breastfeeding
mums, vegan bodybuilders, health professionals and clinical patients. The program is completely
safe and customisable to your needs.

No. Space to Heal is all about ease and simplicity. Plus, it’s packed with options. You don’t need
fancy kitchen appliances or hard-to-find ingredients. Whatever you have at home will be perfect for the program.

No. While you will receive plenty of guidance, a meal plan and recipes, there are no restrictive rules. Space to Heal encourages intuitive eating, so you can choose foods you enjoy within suggested parameters. We believe flexibility is key for long term success. Plus, we want you enjoy the program, not feel forced into a plan that doesn’t fit your lifestyle!

The live calls are recorded, so you can watch the recordings at any time. If you have any questions, post them in the forum.

As many times as you like, thanks to lifetime access. We recommend every six months, in spring and autumn. We keep you in the loop about upcoming cleanses, so you can join us live for the guided programs.

  • Individually designed meal plans are centred around a vegan detox protocol, steering away from animal products in prep week and working with fat/lipid metabolism in the second week.
  • Agreed, the timeliness of doing the Cleanse and Reset, including Spring verve, will serve you well. Our Cleanse Mentor Denise met Ayurveda shortly before her lymph node surgery for cancer and accredits the field and Cleanses for her recovery and changed health trajectory. 
  • There are definitely ways to incorporate your Cleanse meals into family cooking eg: family has roast and veg and your veg goes into a seaweed based stock for your timely soupy dinner = detox! We talk more about the how to in group calls.
  • There is no detox kit as such to purchase. We trialled this and have returned to simplicity since most people already had the two things I'd recommend: a tongue scraper and massage oil (preferred raw black sesame). This program is about streamlining!

The next spring cleanse kicks off on 4th April 2020. Join now and get early access to the program
guide, resource library and community, so you can start preparing.


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