9 Steps to Sustainable Wellness based on BOLD FREEDOM the book

7 day self-guided online courses in Ayurvedic Dinacharya with ongoing Membership support. Do the courses in sequence, choose your own way or get fully guided in the complete Mastery program below.

The Sustainable Wellness Mastery program is a proven and smart way to Easeful Living.

If you want a happy gut, clear head and more energy this 12 week course is for you. Designed with the BOLD FREEDOM method of Ayurveda and habit evolution. You'll be fully guided live online through all 9 steps above PLUS experience a 3 week Cleanse and Reset for your body, mind and space. 

STARTS 15th September 2020

"All our programs are designed to help you know how your body works best and create the time and space you need to live well."

Cleanse and Reset

In April and October we host a 21 day Ayurvedic detox to harness seasonal rhythms and dive deep for a peak experience in vitality. 

It's a fully supported online program with preparation and glide out weeks.

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