5 Advanced Ayurveda Techniques That Will  Increase Your Free Time and Resilience

This mindset workshop package will give you what you've been missing for sustainable wellness!

Option to up-skill with the Time Mastery workshop and get an Ayurvedic health consultation.

If you don't feel better after following the workshop completely, you'll get your old self back!


Learn all 5 Mind-Body-Space Techniques

The only other place you'll find this 90 minute advanced Ayurveda training is inside THA Sustainable Wellness 12 week course. If you don't follow a method, you'll default to your habits. There's an easier way than how you got to where you are now and you can change up what's not serving you more quickly than you think. Which is great because you have no time for years trying different therapies.

It's important for your loved ones that you're strong, you're atuned and you're efficient.  Learn how to get back two hours of your precious time every day, to keep the pace you want, and regain control of your head space. This is ancient science, for today's thrive.

Learn how to thrive every day

First you'll learn the four things your mind is designed to do to keep you safe and well..or so it thinks! Then you'll learn how to shift time and space allowing potential for more physiological transformation.

Health check

An Ayurvedic 1-1 consultation is available when you take up the Time Mastery extra training offer so you can focus on what your system really needs.

Ongoing support

Taking strategic action to implement what you learn in your OWN space is the way to benefit in every area of your life! You'll get Member access to the Space to Heal forum when you do Time Mastery.

Mind-Body-Space Technique #1
Your mind is designed to do what it's told!

Your mind looks after you. It takes you away from pain and towards pleasure. It wants you to be comfortable. 

Yet you want to thrive! You need to experience and learn. That takes courage! Yet now you know your mind is designed to do what it's told, that it must follow the thought or word you create, there's an easier way to tap into your innate courage and move forward.

You can tell your mind anything! Instead of saying 'I wish..' or 'I hope...' say 'I'm doing it.' 'I will...'. You don't say 'I wish I could get up and brush my teeth' just do it. It's not rocket science. Becoming more is about the conversation you're having with your-self. You're the master of you!

Learn all 5 techniques and take your wellness to the next level.

You're going to thrive off this discovery experience.


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