Tiny House Ayurveda Consultations

Private Health Coaching gives you focused time to work on areas with an expert to get results. Whether you'd like Health Coaching with me for 1 month or 1 year, I will create a personalised program to suit you. 



Team work makes it easier to grow well

Being guided means you reach your goals quickly while focusing on day to day health improvements. You'll become empowered with knowledge gained in every meeting. I provide honesty with fresh insights, giving you renewed ability quickly. 

I believe deep down we all know what to do but we need a hand getting clear and ready to action it. Whether you're a health pro or a family healer, I'm here to support you from nutrition to time management and getting enough sleep. There's a lot to discuss, let's start this wonderful adventure together!

Basic Program includes

Pre-consultation questionnaire

1 x 1 hr 15 min Consultation

3 x 1 hr Consultations

Email and Member forum support

Additional Information

Consultations via Zoom or phone

Suited for ages 25+ and all wellbeing issues

Health Coaching programs can be designed to suit your needs and budget.

Strategies tailored for you to feel immediate relief

Personalised programs are designed to give you 1:1 focus for the time you need to reach the health outcomes you want. To complement your health plan the Cleanse and Reset is a group program open for 21 days each April and October.

I will help you recognise and achieve mastery of your healthy lifestyle. Your first coaching session will give you an in-depth insight with actionable steps to move forward - specific to you. You won't be given 'more' to do - very often I lighten the load. Many people are busy working on areas which aren't moving them ahead. By removing the excess and becoming focused on what will propel you forwards, you're very likely to have better balance in other areas of your life.

Areas of expertise include

  • Diet related issues, including streamlining meal preparation
  • Kitchen pharmacy - a real money saver!
  • Finding enough time for self-care, play and exercise
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Creating healthy households
  • Menopause
  • Decision making skills
  • Being happy and healthy at work

"I wasn't sick but I knew I wasn't 100%. Lesley has such an in-depth knowledge and can make even the most complicated situation easily understandable. I feel more energy now and loved having the support of a mentor."


Easier family health

"I upgraded my daily health habits and learnt how to keep them going even while travelling or in busier times. They see me well, thank you."  Rachelle

Shoulder pain and cough relief

"How can you tell I had a sore shoulder from my tongue! It was spot on and I feel relieved just knowing how all my symptoms are connected to one main thing. I slept so much better already after two days, didn't cough and will go see my local Acupuncturist for my shoulder nerve. Can't wait to go the next level at our next call." J

Skin issues cleared 

"I'm so relieved to have finally got on top of my skin problems. Can't wait to do a Cleanse. Thank you for everything." EM

Become more effective in your own life!

Leverage Lesley's vast knowledge and experience and move ahead with confidence.

Please note there is typically a 2 week wait for new client bookings due to demand, however you can book in the first available opportunity at a time that suits you best.